Live Work Shine

How to Use Time for What Matters

This self-improvement book allows you to reflect on how you use your time today. The book discusses the power of your mindset, how to structure your day and managing your time thieves.

Each chapter provides an overview of some big topics – entire books have been written on each of these topics. At the end of each chapter there are thought-provoking questions to ask yourself. There are also some suggested action steps to take in order to make a step-change.

Thriving, just not surviving, in all areas of your life is very possible.  Why not take some time out to learn some new tools or techniques or perhaps some reminders on how to use time for what matters, allowing you to shine that little bit brighter every day.

About Author

My life is no different to yours. I have the constant juggle of life and work. Some days, weeks and years have been more challenging than others. I’ve juggled life, work and the joys of being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mum, a friend, a community volunteer, and a corporate executive. I need to make time for work, home, family, health and the community.

Perhaps what’s been a little different for me is my commitment to the 9 Ps.

  • I’ve ensured I’ve been clear on my PURPOSE (at home and work).
  • Developed PLANS to ensure I’ve kept moving in the right direction.
  • Consistently PRIORITISED what needs to be done, and what needs to be left undone.
  • Focussed on POSITIVE thoughts, understanding the benefits of a positive attitude.
  • PARTNERED with others to help me along the journey and hold me to account.
  • PERSISTED until I’ve broken bad habits or created new habits.
  • Ensured my days are as PRODUCTIVE as possible.
  • That’s there’s time for PLAY.
  • And importantly there’s time to rest or PAUSE.

I normally have a lot on (that’s me at my best) but I’ve never been too busy (it’s just not part of my vocabulary). I’m passionate about helping people with their 9 Ps and to support a shift in this societal epidemic of being too busy.

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